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Day or night, Woobar is a swirl of activity. Guests stretch out on rooftop daybeds, sip pretty at cocktail tables, and soak up the vibes at the pool deck. From afar, Woobar resembles an enveloping wave, frozen in a protective stance. A closer look reveals three seashell-like layers, welcoming you to a new plane of comfort. What lies beneath their surface?

An oval reef bar, awash in amber light, is lined with coral-shaped cocktail tables. Overlooking the endless sea, a large deck magnetizes guests with its playful indoor-outdoor design. Below, an intimate lounge features a striking LED-lit bottle display. Skylights above pour natural light onto a raised podium where the island's hottest DJs hold court.

  • cocktail of coffee bitters, coffee liquor, passionfruit cordial, and tonic
    Kopi Markisa


    Woobar takes a conscious approach to crafting culinary excitement. From green organic garden to stainless steel cocktail shaker, your salad is in your hands. Scrumptious sliders are served with large portions of personality as standard, while Woodfired Pizzas are prepared with homegrown flavors from the Island of the Gods.

    Inventive bites and pizza oven nibbles will make you smile but be careful not to drool. They look almost as good as they taste. Is it getting warm in here? Beat the heat with a refreshing Watermelon Gazpacho, a Bourbon and Orange popsicle or indulge with a selection of playful and downright stimulating desserts.